Kinect Alumni Program

CEOs who graduated from Kinect’s mentoring program and have closed capital or are in the process of raising capital are invited to participate in this private peer-to-peer masterclass, the Kinect Alumni Program.

Valuations and Cap Tables

Cap tables that identifies shareholders and their percentage of ownership sits at the heart of every business entity. The reason is because it states the worth of the company as a Valuation, divided upon the shareholders. Use these resources to learn more about Valuations and Cap Tables.

Eastern Utah Entrepreneurs

The Eastern Utah Program provides valuable support and guidance to startups through our mentoring program.

WeGolf Tournament

Engage our pro-woman business funding and investment community during a 9-hole scramble golf tournament and award ceremony.

Funding Sources

Kinect Essentials: Funding Sources Experts Jaquelynne (Petro) Elliott, Silicon Valley Bank: JB Henriksen, Ampleo: Rick Haskell, Westminster; and Chandana Haque, Altitude Lab. Moderated by Tara Spalding, Kinect Capital Understand […]

Due Diligence

Understand more about the company investment due diligence process, why it’s important to prepare for, and what to expect while undergoing review.


Kinect Alumni program extends the support to founders who graduate the mentoring program with ongoing fundraising support and growth related services.


Kinect Capital offers educational and networking events in Boise, Idaho.

KPIs and Business Models

Take an in-depth look at the importance of KPIs and business models and how it affects a company’s access to capital.

Mentor Application

Kinect Capital opens our arms to those who want to give their time and expertise to tomorrow’s titans through mentoring. Mentors will undergo a training program, be guided by a team leader, and be given the chance to deeply connect to the CEOs and other mentors assigned to the team.