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Purpose to Performance-Driven Hiring

Purpose to Performance-Driven Hiring

Expert Speaker

Christine Wzorek

White Label Advisors

Christine is passionate about helping early stage Founders know how to implement performance-driven hiring centered on purpose, aligned to core values, to achieve attracting and empowering the right talent to grow and adapt in a rapid entrepreneurial environment.
Watch this 23 minute video on the differences between the approach and outcomes when hiring in an early-stage company that anticipates a fast growth rate.
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Run time: 23 Minutes

Introducing White Label Advisors: Catalysts of Human-Centric Growth and Innovation. Our journey is defined by empowering high-growth enterprises to unearth latent potential within their teams. Founded on a passion for scalability, we bridge gaps with Human Capital Strategy, propelling diverse clients to new heights.

Guided by luminaries like Leonardo DaVinci, we value time mastery and energy optimization, transforming challenges into stepping stones. Unlike traditional firms, WLA disrupts with a companion-like, hands-on approach. Our secret? People. Fostering culture and transparency, we unite individuals around a shared purpose, driving collective innovation to deliver real value. Experience innovation with us. We meld data, human insights, and fractional HR to fuel seamless execution. WLA: Redefining growth, transforming tomorrow.