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(Women Entrepreneur Angel Investors)

WeAngels is an educational program and community advised investment path to activate investors who intend to support women+ founded and gender-diverse businesses through equity based investments. WeAngels intends to activate women to become angel investors into businesses that are women-led in Utah.


Women investors pick diverse and impactful companies, creating a more stable community and economy. 51% women angel investors consider founder gender highly important. Female-led companies deliver 17% higher returns than male-led companies.


We succeed when there are equal ratio of women angel investors as men. Only 33% of U.S. investors are women, skewing deal perspectives. Women are statistically better investors outperforming men by 40 basis points.

Join WeAngels® 101 Courses!

Enrollment is open to anyone who is interested in learning more about angel investing. And the great part is that we’ll be talking about investing into women businesses! Sign up today for ALL 9 courses or pick the ones you want to attend. Tickets include

  • Food and drinks during the networking session
  • WeAngels 101 mobile education app providing basic angel investment knowledge
  • WeAngels 101 homework assignment
  • Access to the slides and recording from the session

Join WeAngels kickoff party and first session to learn about being an accredited investor and why angel investment is so important to business growth.

Expert Angel Investor Speakers:

Jacki Zehner from She Place, Angela Smith from Origin Ventures, Trina Limpert Chandana Haque from Altitude Lab

Buy the full course bundle to gain access to this session and material.

WeAngels 101’s second session offers guidance on personal financial preparation covering taxes, asset class, cash movements, and return expectations.

Expert Angel Investor Speakers:

Angela Smith from Origin Ventures, Chandana Haque from Altitude Lab, Millicent Tracey from Park City Angels, Jodie Hewitson from Tanner, and Carol Lens from Olympus Wealth Advisors

Buy the full course bundle to gain access to this session and material.

WeAngels 101’s third session covers how to find other investors and investment groups, the importance of deal referral, basics of deal screening.

Expert Angel Investor Speakers:

Millicent Tracey from Park City Angels, Angela Smith from Origin Ventures, Chandana Haque from Altitude Lab


WeAngels 101’s fourth session exposes how to investigate the founder, the product, the company and the growth trajectory for the business.

Expert Angel Investor Speakers:

David Stahl from Hillcrest Bank, Gaby Porras from Signal Peak Ventures, Angela Smith from Origin Ventures, Chandana Haque from Altitude Lab, Emily Smith from Bill


WeAngels 101’s fifth session explains the concepts and outcomes of a good diligence research process and why scoring and comparing deals is important.

Expert Angel Investor Speakers:

Gaby Porras from Signal Peak Ventures, Angela Smith from Origin Ventures, Susannah Duke from Pelion Ventures, Kimmy Paluch from BetaBoom, Emily Smith from Bill


WeAngels 101’s sixth session walks through how to negotiate the term sheet, the importance of the cap table, and how valuation cap impacts ownership.

Expert Angel Investor Speakers:

Sunnie Giles from Lane VC, Angela Smith from Origin Ventures, Millicent Tracey from Park City Angels


WeAngels 101’s seventh session provides a framework on how angels can build a decision criteria to invest or not and how to close the term sheet if you are the lead investor.

Expert Angel Investor Speakers:

Tessa Arneson from Maven Create, Angela Smith from Origin Ventures, Katie NeilsonMillicent Tracey from Park City Angels


WeAngels 101’s eighth session helps new angel investors establish a strong trust and communication pattern between their CEOs, and deal paperwork.


Expert Angel Investor Speakers:

Angela Smith from Origin Ventures, Don Roll from Park City Angels, Linda Klug from Airin


WeAngels 101’s ninth session is a recap of angel investment, plus an enjoyable reverse pitch from investment groups and funds to join.

Angel, fund, syndicators, and investment groups will be announced soon. Interested in pitching your entity? Contact us and ask!


All WeAngels 101 Courses

9 session in-person immersive education training program.
$ 250
  • Full access to all 9 WeAngels 101 sessions
  • Topic-related education material and LMS
  • Homework assignments for investment discovery
  • Program recording and presentation materials
  • Networking, food and drinks, and great times

WeAngels® 101 Experts

Angela Smith

Origin Ventures

Breanna Hale


Carol Lens

Olympus Wealth Management

Chandana Haque

Altitude Labs

Davis Warnock

Prelude, Mercato Partners

David Stahl

Hillcrest Bank

Don Roll

Park City Angels

Emily Smith

Convoi Ventures

Gaby Porras

Signal Peak Ventures

Jacki Zehner


Jodie Hewitson

Tanner LLC

Juan Arango

Keiretsu Forum

Katie Neilson

Angel Investor, Syndicate

Kimmy Paluch

Beta Boom

Kristy Muir

Pelion Ventures

Leslie Goldman Tepper

Artemis Fund

Linda Klug


Millicent Tracey

Park City Angels

Riley Jarman

EPIC Ventures

Sunnie Giles

Lane VC

Susannah Duke

Pelion Ventures

Tessa Arneson

Angel Investor, Maven District

Trina Limpert

Angel Investor, Author

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