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KPIs and Business Models

Kinect Essentials: KPIs and Business Models

KPI Experts: Karoline Pershell, SRT Labs; Jon Bradshaw, Codebase; Eric Lo, Krado; Jeff Erickson, Forecastr; Sidni Lloyd-Shorter, Utah Black Chamber of Commerce

Listen to experts on the importance of proper business management and leadership that’s measured by Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that match the business model. 

Matching KPIs to Business Models for Startups - Special Guest Nate McBride

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) illuminate business growth and are the cornerstone of key operational insights that drive every business forward. KPIs provide a universal way to communicate results that companies can measure their achievements by, and as such, becomes a common part of the business description.

Choosing Your Business KPIs with Keith Huang

Transferring your Balance Sheet to a Financial Statement with Christina Sjahli

Do not show investors your Quickbook statements. Balance sheets are important but used primarily for depicting a cash flow and taxes owed. It does not show the business growth and cost of growth in the way that investors think. Join our webinar to hear why founders should look at financial statements on a monthly basis and how to convert balance sheets into statements and the right KPIs to track. 


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