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Mentor Application

Kinect Capital Mentoring

This service uniquely sets our non-profit apart as it activates the best intentions and resources within our community, organically. Mentoring has been offered for the past 40 years. Our community of 700+ experts, founders, service providers, and investors make time to positively influence the preparation around raising capital.

The Kinect Capital Mentoring program is designed for CEO founders who will be raising capital in next 6-12 months. CEOs of every experience and at every level of funding 

The dedicated expert-led mentor teams offer guidance on business pitch and capital readiness.

Graduates present at Deal Forum for friendly feedback.

The Cooperative Venturing Network® (CVN) is made up of over 700 volunteer venture professionals that have deep experience in working with entrepreneurs to obtain funding.  It includes Kinect Capital alumni, serial entrepreneurs, service providers, investors, and industry experts. The members of the network are involved in every aspect of our programs and assist to support our entrepreneurs. They participate in the Cooperative Venturing program as mentors as well as panelists for our educational seminars and pitch event programs.


Through our Cooperative Venturing® Program, we will help you:

We know that unemployed people during economic hardship and recessions are more likely to start a business as a means to avoid prolonged unemployment. For more than 36 years, VCO has led a mentor-based training program for striving entrepreneurs in underserved markets in the art and science of becoming attractive and viable investment-worthy companies. It is an incredible experience being a part of the Cooperative Venturing Network®. Members of the network get to know more entrepreneurs as well as expand their professional network. Please let us know if you are interested in participating and we’ll talk! Contact us to learn more!

How can we help you?

Want to Become a Mentor?

Kinect Capital is built upon the graciousness and generosity of a diverse community who has experienced and contributed to fundraising over the course of their careers. 

The best advice is given by others who have experienced it.

Kinect Capital opens our arms to those who want to give their time and expertise to tomorrow’s titans through mentoring. Mentors will undergo a training program, be guided by a team leader, and be given the chance to deeply connect to the CEOs and other mentors assigned to the team.

Mentoring commitments are 1 hour per week for each CEO the mentor elects to support. The mentoring cohort lasts between 6 – 8 weeks.