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Programs for Entrepreneurs

Our programs bring together a comprehensive package of technical assistance, in-depth seminars, job-skills readiness workshops, and a nationwide mentorship network that offers tremendous educational opportunities for first-time entrepreneurs. 

Kinect Capital’s core programs generate positive results and outcomes. Our programs have an educational component as well as a networking component with investors, service providers, and others that can move your startup forward.

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Kinect Capital offers various programs with different participation and outcome expectations practically every week. We do this because our community members may have a little time available, or much to provide!

Kinect Capital knows that networking is a key element to raising capital – meet the right people who understand the importance of fundraising in a fun and enjoyable experience. We host various events, monthly to get our community together both online and in-person.

Our community consists of entrepreneurs, mentors, service providers, capital providers and investors, interns and experts.

Kinect Capital’s education programs cover information that every founder should understand before seeking capital.

Getting educated on capital to back company growth is a highly complex and evolving need. Kinect Capital offers educational material and events to our community members so they can understand the different capital source types, expectations, and how to prepare for the ask. All education occurs both in-person and online.


Over four decades, mentorship has been foundational at Kinect. Experienced entrepreneurs and business executives give back by sharing valuable insights through our structured approach that delivers tremendous value in a reasonable number of working sessions.

Our mentoring is always free to entrepreneurs.



Kinect Capital’s pitch events introduce qualified founders to capital sources such as investors, grants, banks, and other debt sources. These pristine events bring together the mentoring, service providers, and capital sources together to support the entrepreneurs as they embark in their fundraising journey.


Kinect’s accelerator programs are rigorous, multi-week cohort that helps founders prepare for their next equity-based investment round. What makes these cohorts special is that Kinect Capital does not require any financial or equity compensation so entrepreneurs can participate without diluting their startup ownership.


Kinect Capital Networking

Programs for Angel Investors

WeAngels will reshape how angel investment is perceived by emphasizing how investing in women+ and gender diverse companies can be prolific and rewarding; as it positively impacts our future economy, society, and innovation through intentional monetary decisions.

WeAngels provides an educational program and community-advised investment path to activate investors who intend to support women+ founded and gender-diverse businesses in Utah and surrounding states. Although angel investing is very risky and most investments do not bear a return, angels contribute tremendous influence onto founders, beyond the dollars, alone.

WeAngels 101 runs June 23 – September 1, 2023. Get tickets now.


WeAngels holiday party 2022