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Kinect Capital Mentoring

The Kinect Capital mentorship program is designed for business leaders who are passionate about giving back to the community and supporting founders in their journey towards success. Many individuals are interested in offering their time, talents, and connections to help entrepreneurs grow, however, they often struggle to find the right platform to do so. This mentorship program provides a structured and credible platform that facilitates engagement between mentors and founders.

By participating in the mentorship program as a mentor, you will be involved in networking events, pitch events, and education programs to gain a better understanding of the entrepreneurial landscape. Mentoring allows you to work with growth-minded entrepreneurs, contribute your expertise to the community, and make meaningful connections with like-minded individuals. The mentorship program is an ideal platform for those who want to give back, learn, and grow while making a positive impact on the entrepreneurial community.

Kinect Capital’s 2022 Mentoring Results

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Mentoring Experience Highlights

Between 5 – 8 mentors support an individual CEO for the duration of the cohort.  Meetings are private, encouraging, and activate open conversations around raising capital. Every meeting starts with the CEO pitching their business and funding need and the mentoring team provides feedback on practically ever aspect that influences the pitch.

Each team is curated around the CEO and their needs. Each group has a Mentor Lead who orchestrates the meetings. Investor Liaisons operate the Zoom sessions, manage the group calendar, and send out notes. The Mentors contribute feedback based on the entrepreneur’s pitch.

Mentoring runs between 4 – 8 weeks, where the group meets once per week for an hour. Dates and times are determined at the beginning of the cohort.


Nearing the completion of the mentoring, the CEO will pitch to a group of active, accredited investors and capital providers to get candid feedback in a safe environment. Mentors listen in to hear the feedback as well.

Mentoring Benefits

What to Expect As A Mentor

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