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Kinect Essentials Education Series

Raising capital is notoriously difficult to complete because the process has intricacies that are not well understood before founders pursue fundraising.

Kinect Essentials is an education series that provides tools, resources, expert connections, and training materials to founders who seek to understand the path to fundraising.

This education helps CEOs select which capital path is best for their business, and learn how to prepare and pursue the right capital term.

Each topic is covered over roughly two months by the Kinect community. Those who sign up for the topic will receive digital material related to the series. Each series culminates in a live, broadcasted expert-led panel discussion that dives deeply into each topic.

The Kinect Essentials panel discussions are available online and in-person, open to all.

Every seminar is different – offering new content provided by new people.

We always include subject matter experts like serial entrepreneurs, attorneys, finance providers, investors, and marketing professionals who have deep knowledge in growing venture backed companies. These seminars are usually two hours long and features venture professionals giving you the best advice and up-to-date information on what entrepreneurs need to successfully raise money.


KPIs and Business Models


  • Ann Marie McDonald, AMLM Inc.
  • Eric Lo, Krado
  • Jeff Erickson, Forecastr
  • Jon Bradshaw, VC Podcast
  • Sidni Shorter, Utah Black Chamber of Commerce

Take an in-depth look at the importance of KPIs and business models and how it affects a company’s access to capital.

The KPIs and Business Model video is available on-demand. (60-minutes). Three bonus videos about business preparation are also included.

Funding Sources


  • Chandana Haque, Altitude Lab
  • Jaquelynne Elliott, SVB
  • JB Henriksen, Ampleo
  • Rick Haskell, Westminster
  • Tara Spalding, Kinect Capital

Understand the difference between debt, equity, and non-dilutive sources, implications to the capital use of funds and each repayment expectations.

Due Diligence


  • Rick Haskell, Westminster
  • Tara Rosander, Brandless
  • Braxton Savage, Tanner
  • Sam Gardner, Mayer Brown
  • Rick Merrell, SLC Angels
  • Dan Roberts, Savvi Legal

Before raising capital or discussion a merge or acquisition, identify potential risks and opportunities during the due diligence process.

Valuations and Cap Tables


Jeff Erickson, Forecastr

Chris Badger, Now CFO

Angela Smith, Origin Ventures

Nick Singleton, AIM Ventura Capital

Jake Gallagher, VESO

Cap tables and share structures not only drive valuations but also who controls the business. Understanding these components are essential.

Learn about the different valuation methods investors use, how to create and maintain a cap table, and best practices for negotiating with investors.

Investor Relations


James Jackson III, Zions Bank

Luke Gunderson, Beehive VC

Kristy Muir, Pelion Venture Partners

Marc Rasich, Greenberg Traurig

Steffi Baker, High Net Worth Women Institute

Learn about investor outreach and synergies, and investor communication strategies before and after investments are made.

Dec 14

Term Sheets

Learn about different types of equity based investment instruments, the key elements of a term sheet that determine the investor relationship and the payment waterfall after the securities are sold.