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Valuations and Cap Tables

Kinect Essentials: Valuations and Cap Tables

Panel Experts

Chris Badger


Jake Gallagher


Jeff Erickson


Nick Singleton

AIM Ventura Capital

Angela Smith

Origin Ventures

This Kinect Essentials panel is designed to provide valuable insights about the different valuation methods investors use, how to create and maintain a cap table, and best practices for negotiating with investors.

Valuations and cap tables are essential tools for entrepreneurs fundraising from investors. Valuations are used to determine the worth of a startup or business, while cap tables track the ownership and equity distribution among the company’s investors, founders, and employees.

Meet the Experts

Moderator: Jeff Erickson, Forecastr


Nick Singleton, AIM Ventura Capital

Angela Smith, Origin Ventures

Jake Gallagher, VESO

Chris Badger, Now CFO

Online Resources

BoomStartup Archive: Introduction to Cap Tables with Bert McCooey

An important component to any business formation is the creation of a capitalization table. Cap Table identifies the shareholders and adjusts as the company attains outside capital or incentivizes employees.  Watch now.

BoomStartup Archive: How Valuations Work with Tanner Anderson

Startups must know how prospective investors place a fiduciary value upon a company, and how valuations affect the investment term sheet. This video goes through the basics of valuations so founders can understand the measurement and approach of valuations. Watch now.

BoomStartup Archive: Interplay Between Cap Table, Valuation, and Financial Planning with Rajesh Gopi

Startups must know how prospective investors place a fiduciary value upon a company, and how those valuations are driven by the company’s financial standings and growth plans. This video walks through the concepts and then goes into how founders can build it out. Watch now.

Capitalization Table Resources for Founders

  1. Startup Equity Dilution Calculator – Lighter Capital
  2. Fundraising Benchmarks for Early-Stage Startups – Forecastr
  3. Equity Compensation Benchmarking Data – Pave
  4. Founder Studio – Carta
  5. Startup Resources – Forecastr
  6. Cap Table Template – Fred Wilson
    1. Pricing Follow-on Rounds
  7. Cap tables 101 – capshare
  8. How to make a cap table  – venture hacks
  9. – startup cap table mangagement
  10. eShares – Cab table management
  11. Eqvista – Cab table management
  12. Convertible Notes – Funders Club
  13. – set up your companies cap table
  14. Awesome Valuation/Equity Calculator – OwnYourVenture
  15. TrueEquity – Cab table management
  16. How VC’s Calculate Valuation – Mark Suster

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