Funding Sources

Kinect Essentials: Funding Sources

Experts Jaquelynne (Petro) Elliott, Silicon Valley Bank: JB Henriksen, Ampleo: Rick Haskell, Westminster; and Chandana Haque, Altitude Lab. Moderated by Tara Spalding, Kinect Capital

Understand the difference between debt, equity, and non-dilutive sources, implications to the capital use of funds and each repayment expectations. 

How to Choose the Right Startup Funding Sources

Tara Spalding, Kinect Capital

Learn about capital accessibility and funding sources to grow businesses. Tara Spalding of Kinect Capital teaches participants on startup capital types such as dilutive, non-dilutive, and debt based options according to company performance, maturity and preference.

Funding Education Resources

Hillcrest recently won SBA’s 2023 Colorado Top 7a Impact Lender of the Year and SBA’s Utah Top 504 Third Party Lender in 2023. Their employees actively engage, mentor and advise the Kinect Capital community.

Complete the Raising Capital Overview lesson through Kinect Capital’s EdApp. Learn about the differences between dilutive, non-dilutive, and debt based transactions, what to expect when working with these different providers, and assess which is most applicable for your business