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Maile Keone


As president and CEO, Maile Keone is responsible for executing Listen Technologies’ strategic business plan, guiding the company’s vision, and creating value for shareholders, partners, and customers. Having worked in the technology industry for the past 30 years, she brings a wealth of experience to her role. A passion for delivering value through inclusive listening experiences across markets and applications has made her instrumental in year-over-year growth, enabling the company to thrive. Her strengths include strategic thinking and translating that to successful execution. At Listen Technologies, Maile has built world-class teams, thanks to her philosophy of finding amazing people, getting them in the right positions and letting them succeed. She loves working with people to find out what they want to accomplish in life and helping them achieve it. Her favorite part of the job is mentoring individuals who work with her. Working at Listen Technologies has taught Maile that you can have a fulfilling career while making a difference in the world. She loves contributing to the fun culture that instills pride in those who work at Listen Technologies. Maile has a bachelor’s degree in English and has a few favorite career wins including product placement on Good Morning America, the Wall Street Journal and USA Today Best Tech. When she’s not working, Maile loves to spend time with her very blended family of a patient and amazing husband, eight children, a dog, and cat. They love to travel and are game to try anything new. She also loves any kind of food, real estate, property renovation, and community renewal. And chocolate.