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Venture Names Marcia Nelson Vice Chairman of the Board of Trustees for 2022


SALT LAKE CITY—February 8th, 2022— Venture (VCO), a Utah-based non-profit organization  that assists, coaches, and provides mentoring to entrepreneurs raising investment capital, announced  today that Marcia Nelson has been unanimously elected Chairman-Elect of the Board of Trustees at  VCO. Marcia began her new Vice Chairman position on January 1, 2022 and will become VCO’s  Chairman of the Board of Trustees on Jan. 1, 2023. Marcia is Managing Director and Registered  Representative at Sharenett LLC, Founding Partner of Triple C Advisory, and Board Advisor for Intuitive  Funding (SFO). 

“Marcia brings tremendous leadership and national attention to Venture, especially with the  growth VCO’s Women’s Entrepreneurship Program and nationally recognized WeROC conference. Both  programs have risen to new heights under her direction,” said Trent Christensen, CEO and President at  VCO.  

Marcia has 20 years of experience working with family offices and their advisors, building and  maintaining a network of family offices and private investors. In addition to her current positions, Marcia serves as Chairman of the Board at ACG-NY (Association for Corporate Growth), which focuses  on driving middle-market investments; Advisory Board member at Assure, an SPV Fund Administrator; Advisory Board Member of Sheryl Grant Enterprises, a mentoring and education organization focusing on minority women; and she is a member of the Investment Committee for University Impact, a donor advised fund.  

Always a champion for women, Marcia is a former member of the Board at Women in the Boardroom  and was the founder and CEO of Deals & Divas, which brought together women entrepreneurs, advisors  and investors. Marcia earned her undergraduate degree at Southern Utah State College and her MBA at  Fordham University in NYC. 

Also today, VCO welcomed the following professionals to its Board of Trustees: 

Maile Keone 

President, CEO, Listen Technologies 

Maile Keone, president and CEO, is responsible for executing Listen Technologies’ strategic business  plan, guiding the company’s vision and creating value for shareholders, partners, and customers. A  technology industry veteran of 30 years, Maile brings a wealth of experience to her role. At Listen  Technologies, she has built world-class teams. Maile serves on the board of the Women Tech Council  and loves helping entrepreneurs as a board member and mentor. 

Jim Divver 

Sr. Vice President of Government Relations, Zions Bank 

Jim oversees all aspects of government relations. His efforts have yielded over $2.7 billion in revenue for  Zions. He is a member of the company’s Zions Insurance Committee and Trust Committee. Divver’s  expertise includes insurance, wealth management, public finance, demand and time accounts, Foreign 

Exchange, and Health Savings. Jim also serves on several boards, including the Downtown Alliance  Board, Community Nursing Services Board, Deseret Fountain Board, Guadalupe School Board, American  Lung Association, University of Utah Business School Alumni Board, Hale Center Theatre Advisory Board,  Utah League of City and Towns Advisory Board, and the American Bankers Health Savings Account  Council Board. In 2010, he received The Zions Bank prestigious “Roy Simmons” Community Award. 

Bill Kirth 

Partner, Rectify Partners  

Bill has 35 years of experience in banking, auditing, bank compliance, asset-based lending, factoring,  purchase order financing, entrepreneurship, and private equity. Currently, Bill works with LSQ on A/R  financing, supply chain, and SaaS financing. Bill is a partner with Rectify Partners, a corporate consulting  company and equity fund. He serves on the board at Venture, the Association for Corporate  Growth, and the boards of companies he has invested in. He also served on the Turnaround  Management Association board and the National Risk Management Association membership board. Bill  owns and manages a private equity fund and has extensive experience in financing early-stage, high growth companies as well as turnaround companies. 

Chris Badger 

Partner, CFO NOW  

Chris brings a broad and diverse accounting experience to CFO NOW. His professional expertise includes  strategic corporate management, implementing and managing financial and operational reporting  functions support for Boards and investor relationships. In addition, Chris has extensive experience in  Human Resources, health insurance benefits, retirement plans including 401(k)s, Top Hat plans, ESOPs  and Qualified and Non-Qualified Profit-Sharing Plans. Chris has also managed and directed IT functions  and back-office support, including customer service and administration departments. 

About Venture  

Venture is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization that is celebrating its 37th year of assisting  entrepreneurs. The Venture mission is to improve the human condition through  technological entrepreneurship by helping new entrepreneurs create the next generation of industry leading companies. Our vision is to empower emerging and diverse entrepreneurs to create  technologically and commercially sustainable companies that increase high-quality jobs and new  economic opportunities in under-served regions of the US. Venture offers educational  programming for new and experienced entrepreneurs to better understand the nuances of raising  investment capital. Venture also offers in-depth mentoring to assist entrepreneurs to  develop and refine their investor presentations. Program outcomes include improved education, new  investment capital, and new jobs.  

Media Contact  

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