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Kinect Capital Chooses 2023 One Utah Summit Pitch Finalists

(April 26, 2023, Salt Lake City, Utah) Kinect Capital hosted and managed the One Utah Summit Pitch Competition for the second year in a row, and has selected the three finalists who will compete on May 1, 2023. Kinect Capital was selected to run the recruitment, selection, and mentoring program to identify the top startup companies in the state of Utah.

The top three finalists who will be competing for $70,000 in cash prizes are:

D.J. Potter, Sawtooth

Greg Scott, SRT Labs

Pam Sitterud, Dentacor

Winners from the Kinect Forum final round are three outstanding startups – Dentacor, Sawtooth, SRT Labs.

Listen to their pitches by attending the One Utah Summit Pitch Finals

May 1, 2023

5 – 7pm

Davis Conference Center

The Road to the Finalists

Kinect’s open outreach to early-stage growth companies in Utah attracted over 70 applicants where the top 10 CEOs were interviewed and invited to participate into Kinect’s 4-week mentoring program that honed the pitch presentation by focusing on the economic impact in Utah.

These 10 CEOs then participated in a private, elimination forum where 8 active Utah investors listened to the pitches and graded their performance and business on product, market, team, innovation, and growth potential. The top 5 candidates moved onto the One Utah Summit Kinect Forum hosted on April 26, 2023 at the Kiln in Lehi, Utah.

The top five companies were:

Annie Jorgensen, At Home Articulation

Pam Sitterud, Dentacor

Carlton Van Putten, PayRent

D.J. Potter, Sawtooth

Greg Scott, SRT Labs

On behalf of Kinect Capital, we would like to thank the people who supported the top 10 CEOs in the mentoring and selection process to identify the top 3 companies who are proceeding to One Utah Summit. Hundreds of hours of work from dozens of people made this program outstanding.

Special thanks to Emily Clinger, Ted McAleer, Pete Codella, Rick Merrell, Luke Gunderson, Andy Jorgensen, Angela Smith, Juan Arango, Marcia Nelson, Millicent Tracey, Nick Singleton, Sydnie Keddington, Greg Keller, Damon D’Amore, Tom Lund.

Mentors: Laura Walker, Alma Schoenfeld, Anthony Musacchio, Jolene Anderson, Steffi Baker, Ragula Bhaskar, Damon D’Amore, Berk C. Celebisoy, Gretel Tam, Tyler MacKay, Nancy Mayer, JB Henriksen, Xingcheng Hua, Bryce Hansen, Adrian West, Ryan Aleman, Tom Lund, Hilary Hall, Jeremy Ruesch, Patrick McMillan, Rajiv Kulkarni, Brendon Charles, Andre Low, Sean Moran, Joseph Hinckley, William Biddle, John Haglund, Chase Prather, David Luftglass, Katie Neilson, Rick Brown, Forrest Wartig, Steve Gaither, Jim Divver, Breanna Hale, Tim Hayes, Stephen Brown, Nick Lloyd, Thomas Lazarte, David Stahl, Fernando Morales, Jeff Nelson, Bill Humbert, Gary Bowen, River Curtis, Matt Katz, Gregory Keller, Steve Gaither, Dustin Cederholm, Brad Bertoch, Kristen Holmberg, David Politis, Greg Doermann, David Brandon, Bret Rigby, Dylan Doty, Ty Gatherum, Kyle Harrison, Gayle Knepper, Nicholas Dragon, Steve Simpson, Jared Goodspeed, Rob Pain, Serge Bushman, Gabriel Taylor, Jeralyn Carroll, Devin Thorpe, Jeff Erickson, Norris Krueger, and Mike Keene.

About Kinect Capital

Started in 1983 as the Wayne Brown Institute, this 501(c)3 non-profit has served thousands of founders and CEOs over these past 40 years. Our alumni have raised over $1.2Bn in capital, and there’s been over $10Bn in exits since 2009.

Our non-profit creates connections through an education, mentor, and pitch program for ALL entrepreneurs. We serve everyone, and especially those who have been overlooked, such as women, minorities, rural, and veterans. Our programs and community make entrepreneurs more investable and we connect them to various capital resources.